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Virtual training

Since the creation of our company, we’ve had the pleasure to develop our experiments in well-equipped studios. From a High School gym in South Morang to the new WXYZ studio in North Melbourne, and at the beginning of 2020 in the Victoria College of the Arts. Three times a week, three hours per training session, we were extremely lucky to always feel welcomed. Facing the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to find a new way to continue our practice, and more than that, a new way to develop it. The question was never if we should wait, the question that arose within the confinement was how we continue. Analyzing the basic principles of the Suzuki method, we decided to apply them in the possibilities of our own homes: small studios, bedrooms, dining rooms, spare rooms, each one of us ritualized a space in our house, that would never have thought it could become a studio to practice an actor’s psycho-physical training technique. These videos are a snip of our adapted practice from a distance.

virtual training / international collaboration The possibilities of virtual connectivity during this pandemic has given us the possibility to collaborate with artists all over the world. We are currently developing a workshop series with Mexican and Salvadoran performers. We really hope that in the future we could continue this process with everyone in the same studio.

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