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SOLO films

Tessa-Marie Luminati

I originally struggled to formulate a video that would encapsulate the meaning and images I found in the words “Universe” and “Panorama”. It was the struggle of trying to express that I found intriguing and became the basis of my video.


Alana Hoggart


Joshinder Kaur Chaggar

The possibilities of creating within the current limits feel limitless. The words aliquot and fraction, trigger thoughts of simultaneously being the micro and macro. I feel encompassed in a duality, of small and big. The darkness, the torch light, the phone camera – add a layer to my story that I can never predict.


Kathleen Doyle

In my second video I wished to go further in mashing together human behavior and what I imagined of the Tuna world. I imagined how Tuna would entertain itself and what would inspire and delight Tuna from it’s underworld environment. I also picked up words that I heard from another member’s first Tuna video to provide the rhythmic beat for the dance. I had the vision of all group members joining this cabaret entertainment.


Lorna Mcleod

The sense of chaos overtakes me, there’s no escape. A stolen moment on my own. The enormity of what is happening around me is hard to break away from. Much like being caught up in a huge fishing net, this shouldn’t be happening, yet, it is. I’m caught; a fight I won’t win.


Rodrigo Calderón

I was amazed with the possibilities a cellphone camera offered. I wanted to combine the visual imagery of my settings with the sonority of the phonemes involving the words ‘debris’ and ‘wreckage’. In my search I found a common denominator katastrofí.


Matthew Crosby

It’s hard to imagine what a Tuna thinks. I got myself in a state trying I assure you. Fish don’t have expressions like cats so we find it hard to anthropomorphise… I found the lens from a slide projector in a dumpster outside Melbourne Uni about twenty years ago.

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