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The Intriguing Case of
The Silent Forest

'... gripping and exciting' Myorn My | My Melbourne Arts 

'... mindfully esoteric' Flora Georgioy | Stage Whispers


Green Room Award Nomitated

Detective Rob and his nervous team have seven days to catch Josephine, the tongue-cutter, before she silences everyone.



The play was inspired by one short improvisation between Kathleen Doyle and Yoka Jones four years ago and developed in the Thursday Group ensemble–shared personal examinations, and improvisation in poor-theatre-modes making metaphors around the legacy of trauma.

A story of a heroine who tries to find a path through the tangled undergrowth of unwanted memories, Silent forest is a psychological thriller of yugen-shadows, a fragmented noir in full-body mode.

Writer / Director

Light / Set Designer
Paper work

Video editor
Production Manager

Matthew Crosby
Rodrigo Calderón
Matthew Crosby
Kathleen Doyle
Eidann Glover
Alana Hoggart
Lorna McLeod
Matthew Crosby
Noriko Ikaga
Jack Crosby
Oscar Socias
Matthew Crosby
Alana Hoggart


The play has been developed with the shifting collaboration of The Thursday Group: Glynis Angel, Elise Britton, Rodrigo Calderón, Matthew Crosby, Kathleen Doyle, Molly Farquharson, Eidann Glover, Alana Hoggart, Yoka Jones, Caitlin Lavery, Lorna McLeod, Nilees Suhasini, and Gareth Trew.



…in the sanctity of any normal street, odd or even side, if you listen, you will hear a cry for help.

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