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“I was lucky enough to witness Rodrigo Calderón’s outstanding performance in HE late last year on the Sunshine Coast. His performance was nothing short of virtuosic (both physically and vocally) and the passion which he brought to the work was something that is unfortunately far too rare in Australia.”

Lynne Bradley | Artistic Director - Horizon Festival


Conceived, written and performed by Salvadoran-Australian theatre practitioner Rodrigo Calderón. HE, is a physical storytelling, a reckoning with the oceanic waters of troubled masculinity, a questioning of the socio-religious conditioning of Central American upbringing, an enlightenment of the shadows of the past, an acceptance of the unrealized traumas lingering in the family, a sexual liberation; a poetic closure.  Placed in the backdrops of a postwar sleepy coastal town (in this side of the pacific or another) where nothing ever happens.

After these first performances of HE at the Fluorescent Festival in Queensland 2020, Calderón is creating a second, full-length iteration. The trauma of war is a shadow that casts over subsequent generations; in the next steps of HE’s journey, Calderón and his Thursday Group collaborators will explore the themes of absent parents, family and meeting the secrets of the past.

Writer / Performer   
Dramaturgical support

Photo / Video
Production Manager

Video editor

Rodrigo Calderón
Matthew Crosby
Edgardo Dib
Dan Baebler
Alana Hoggart
Matt Crosby


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